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Nutridul® is our brand of food specially designed for the horeca channel, restaurants and catering. Innovative solutions to expand your menu with fast, easy and agile preparation products.

Get more out of your menu

Nutridul lays the foundation for your imagination to do the rest

With Nutridul® we offer you unlimited possibilities to create new and original products with which to make your bar, buffet or catering service profitable.

Surprise your customers with different versions of frappies and iced coffees, chocolates with exotic aromas, or a menu of sweet and savory crepes. Everything ready to prepare and serve in a minute.

Single-dose hot chocolate

Powdered preparation to make the traditional hot chocolate, without the need for machinery.

Prepare in a minute a delicious hot chocolate with and flavor it with our range of aromas.

Frozen CaffeLatte single-dose

Powder to prepare ice cream with the taste of the best Italian caffelatte.

Versatile product to serve in multiple versions and finishes: iced coffee covered with foam, a shaken frappucino or with cream as a dessert.

Chocolate for fountains and fondue

High quality chocolate paste, especially for fountains at events and buffets

An easy-to-melt chocolate at the fountain, consistent and silky, with a captivating movement and a shiny appearance, accompanied by a delicious and tempting aroma.

Base for crepes and pancakes

Professional use mixture to make homogeneous dough for crepes, pancakes, and sweet and savory pancakes

The perfect solution for hospitality and catering businesses that offer crepes, pancakes and pancakes on their menu.

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